International Teacher Travel Grant Application

About the International Teacher Travel Grants

The international travel grants are awarded in amounts up to $1,000 to teachers and staff who plan to travel to countries that are linked to their students’ backgrounds and/or the teacher’s curriculum. Applications are considered in the fall grant cycle only. The Foundation expects recipients to:
  • continue to teach in the district
  • show how they use the information acquired from the travel in their classrooms
  • share their knowledge with their colleagues.
A teacher may only receive this grant one time.

Please submit your grant request if you need funding for 2020-21

Please save all answers on a separate Word document and be prepared to fill out and submit the online grant application within this time.

* questions denote fields required for the database. Please note a seriously considered grant application will require most, if not all, complete fields.

Click here for a sample Excel spreadsheet of an itemized budget.