Student Scholarships

Anne Craig Barnes Scholarship in the Arts

The Anne Craig Barnes Scholarship in the Arts is awarded to a CHCCS graduating senior who has demonstrated ability, skill, and long term interest in the arts, including, but not limited to music, dance, creative writing, filmmaking, drama/theater arts, painting, drawing, sculpting, photography and other visual arts. The student plans to pursue their interest and studies after high school graduation.

To be eligible, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Be accepted into an accredited university, college, community college or arts school
  • Plan to focus on the art during their secondary education
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from an arts teacher
  • Participation in an interview with the selection committee

Apply Below

Student Application-Anne Craig Barnes Scholarship in the Arts

Before submitting your application, please be sure that you meet all of the criteria.
  • Your Information

  • Student phone
  • Give a brief description of the arts curriculum at the school you plan to attend.
  • Please describe any special circumstances you would like the awards committee to consider in evaluating your financial need.
  • Essay Questions

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