Professional Development Impact Grant

This grant program enables schools to support self-determined professional development opportunities for professional and technical staff. Proposals must be submitted by school principals in a competitive process and will identify professional development endeavors intended to improve teacher effectiveness.

Projects may include, but are not limited to, technology training, curriculum development, on-site training and speakers, observation of master teachers, conference registrations, and workshops. While expenses such as travel and substitute teacher compensation will be considered as part of these requests, food and other incidental expenses are excluded from coverage. These grants will not cover payroll expenses for teachers attending professional development activities, nor will they fund requests for classroom or school equipment.


  • The project is a priority for the school that submits the proposal
  • The proposal clearly demonstrates how allocated funds will be used to address stated needs.
  • The identified project is consistent with professional development goals established by the district/CHCCS.
  • The proposal presents a clear mechanism for execution and evaluation/ how the project’s effectiveness will be reported to the PSF.


Requests will be considered during the Public School Foundation’s grant cycles. Proposals must be submitted by published fall or spring deadlines (September 30 and April 30).


Please note you cannot save progress on this online form, and that the application will time out after 30 minutes.
Please save all answers on a separate Word document and be prepared to fill out and submit the online grant application within this time.

* questions denote fields required for the database. Please note a seriously considered grant application will require most, if not all, complete fields.

Click here for a sample Excel spreadsheet of an itemized budget.