Reckford Teaching Prize

The Reckford Teaching Prize

Award Opportunity for Teacher Recognition, Travel, and Professional Development

The Reckford Teaching Prize was established in 2018 . This will be awarded in one annual gift of $2,000 to one CHCCS teacher who has taught in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools for a minimum of three years and who has an outstanding record of teaching and inspiring students. The purpose of this prize is to reward superior teachers with exceptional opportunities for travel, study, or other enriching and refreshing experiences. Teachers of all grade levels are eligible.

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Administrators, parents or community members can nominate a teacher through November 15th

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Teachers can apply through November 30th

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  • The teacher has taught in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools for a minimum of three years.
  • The teacher is an active participant in a major professional organization.
  • The teacher exhibits continuing commitment to professional growth through areas such as attendance at regional, state and/or national conferences or seminars or by pursuing advanced degrees or National Board Certification.
  • The teacher demonstrates professional integrity in contacts with his/her colleagues and other members of the school family (students, support staff, parents).
  • The teacher has a thorough knowledge of the subject and related general information.
  • The teacher presents content in an interesting manner using a variety of instructional approaches that stimulate a range of students to want to be in that class and to learn more about the subject.
  • The teacher is skilled in working with diverse student populations, is culturally proficient in working with all learners, uses materials which acknowledge diverse racial and ethnic contributions and perspectives, and provides instruction which results in high levels of achievement for all student groups.
  • The teacher creates and maintains a positive learning atmosphere by being fair, friendly, and firm.
  • The teacher respects and cares for students as individuals and gives guidance in school and life situations.
  • The teacher demonstrates joy in the classroom and enthusiasm for teaching.
  • The teacher is involved in school activities and supports the total school program.

Past Reckford Prize recipients

Ashley Quick-Hooker, Northside Elementary

William Melega, Chapel Hill High

Kathleen Eveleigh, Estes Hills Elementary