Reckford Prize Application

Reckford Application

  • Teacher Application

  • Be sure to include: How you present content in an engaging manner using a variety of instructional approaches that stimulate all students. How do incorporate technology to maximize student learning. How do expose student to a wide range of perspectives and challenge them to think comprehensively, imaginatively, critically, and independently.
  • Be sure to include: How you set high expectations and demonstrate commitment to a high level of achievement for all students. How you excel in maintaining a positive and equitable learning atmosphere by being supportive, nurturing and respectful. How you use practices and materials that reflect diverse racial and ethnic contributions and perspectives.
  • Be sure to include: Ways you are involved in the life of the school beyond formal teaching responsibilities. How you inspire your colleagues by sharing information, ideas, techniques, and new perspectives through your Professional Learning Community, faculty meetings, professional development opportunities, etc. How you are viewed as a subject matter expert by other teachers and administrators.
  • Please upload your resume or CV.