Educator Extra Credit Discount Program

This program was started in 1990 for the teachers and staff in the district in order to give some “extra credit” to the employees for the excellent job they do. Merchants may offer discounts on all of their merchandise, discounts on specific items or free items.

Educator Extra Credit Participating Merchants 2021-2022 – updated 4/5/22

How Merchants Can Join Educator Extra Credit

Merchants who are interested in joining the program should determine the kind of offer that they want to present to the 2,000 teachers and staff of the district.  Then they should list the name of the owner/manager, the business name, address, telephone number, website, and specific offer.

Please contact the Foundation at 919.968.8819 or by email to:

Online Educators’ Extra Credit Card Sign Up – coming soon!

Printable Educators’ Extra Credit Card Sign Up Form