Teachers First Breakfast and Roses Fundraiser

April 28, 2023

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Breakfast and Roses

Breakfast and RosesHonoring  ALL teachers and staff with a gift of appreciation and funds to support our teachers!

Your gift to the  PSF Teachers First Breakfast gives in two ways…

  • An opportunity for our community to acknowledge and thank school staff for all they do to support our children with a rose, breakfast, and notes of gratitude. (The teachers love your notes!)
  • A donation in honor of a teacher to support PSF teacher programming including grants,  professional development opportunities, and awards for excellence. (Read more below about PSF teacher program funds.)


Donate Here!

Your gift helps provide vital programs for our teachers, including:

  • Awards honoring excellent teachers & staff  ($45,000 to over 80 staff members awarded annually)
  • Classroom Grants for Student Enrichment (approximately $40,000 awarded each year)
  • Support for the Teacher Supply Store (over 600 teachers attend and receive $75 worth of supplies)
  • Professional Development Grants ($25,000 per year)
  • Grants to Novice Teachers (All first year teachers receive $100 grant)
  • Grants for National Board Certification ($6,000-$8,000 in assistance every year for teachers)
  • Grants for Teachers selected to present at Conferences ($250-$500 per grant)
  • And many more ways to support & retain teachers in our district

Your donation makes a big difference for every teacher at every school. The breakfast has been sponsored by the Chapel Hill Restaurant Group at Squid’s Restaurant since 2004 and has raised over $1M in funding to support teacher programs.

This year, PSF will be delivering a rose and a breakfast to every staff member including teachers, support staff, janitors, bus drivers, and cafeteria staff! All of these individuals contribute to our children’s education. Your donation in their honor, a rose, and a breakfast show your gratitude for all they do. We encourage you to personalize your donation with a note. Teachers will be be notified of your gift in their honor and receive your messages of gratitude.