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Strowd Roses Grants

  • For innovative projects that span across a grade level, are school-wide or are district-wide.
  • Priority is assigned to projects submitted by Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).
Each year, the Strowd Roses Foundation makes a block grant to PSF for support of innovative school-wide, grade-level or district-wide projects in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. This grant is administered solely by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation. Strowd Roses, Inc. is a private charitable foundation which was established in 2001 under the will of Mrs. Irene Harrison Strowd of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Significant additional funding was provided by the estate of Mrs. Strowd’s sister, Gladis Harrison Adams. In endowing the foundation, Mrs. Strowd wished to honor the memory of her husband, Fletcher Eugene Strowd, by providing in perpetuity for the maintenance and care of the Community Rose Garden which he founded, and by funding projects and organizations which would improve the quality of life for citizens of the greater Chapel Hill-Carrboro community. Out of those foundation assets not required for maintenance of the Community Rose Garden, the Board of Directors of Strowd Roses, Inc. makes grants to qualified tax-exempt charitable, educational, religious and public organizations that are based in Chapel Hill or Carrboro, or are devoted primarily to benefiting the citizens of those communities. Grants may also be made to individuals engaged in projects designed to enhance the Chapel Hill-Carrboro community.

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Eligible Applicants Deadlines Funding Range
CHCCS District Personnel September 30 and December 15 $1,000-$4,000

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“The innovative, transformative work teachers do happens most frequently behind the closed doors of their classrooms, and being recognized by PSF provides us with a way to make those practices more public and pushes us to continue innovating and transforming how we ‘do school’.”
John Doe
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