Creating Opportunities for Students and Teachers

Student Scholarships

Student scholarships are provided by community members to assist with higher education expenses, summer enrichment or tutoring.  Scholarships are awarded to students after careful review and interviews by the selection committee made up of Foundation board members and invested community members.  Students are encouraged to apply.

Anne Barnes Scholarship

The Fund was created to honor Anne Craig Barnes when she retired from serving in the State House of Representatives. The fund began as a Student Enrichment Grant (SEG) in the cultural arts and was awarded twice in that capacity.  The fund is now used for a student scholarship for a graduating senior who is interested in the cultural arts.  

AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination

This program is available in all middle and high schools to support students with tutoring, advocacy and study skills. AVID targets students who show promise but may not have viewed themselves as enrolling in higher level course work in high school or as college students. AVID prepares students for honors and AP courses as well as college.  This scholarship is for AVID participants.

Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate

Students generally enroll into the Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate Program as fifth graders and are served until they graduate. Students who show promise and could benefit from an adult advocate/mentor are served. Students are nominated by teachers, staff or parents. It is the premier mentoring program of the district.  

Haidt Foundation

This fund was created by former patent attorney Harold Haidt and his wife Elaine and their children to provide college scholarships to students who enroll in the Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate (BRMA) Program and progress onto four-year colleges or universities.

New American Scholarship

The Foundation offers a scholarship for recent immigrants at each of the three large high schools.  Initiated in 2010 through the contributions of anonymous donors, this scholarship provides $4,000 for freshman year tuition and fees, and $3,000 for the subsequent years for a total of $7,000 for each selected student.  Similar to the other scholarships offered through the Foundation, the scholarship is payable to the post-secondary institution the student attends.  Scholarship applications are available in the counseling office at each high school.


This fund supports students selected for the Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate Program who need additional academic support or enrichment or who enroll in community colleges or technical schools.

Matthew Butler Scholarship

This fund was created by the friends and family of McDougle Elementary School student Matthew Butler when he passed away unexpectedly in 2002. The fund will be used to award scholarships to students who will graduate in the same year he would have graduated—the class of 2013.

R.D. Smith Fund

The fund was created by the Chapel Hill Firefighters Association to honor Mr. Smith and his lifetime of service to students as a teacher and school administrator and Chapel Hill Town Council member. Applications are sought and are awarded at senior awards days at the high schools.

Vincent Fund

The fund was created by Mr. Raney to honor his sister Elizabeth Raney Vincent who taught foreign language at the high school level in the district for many years. The award is presented to a senior who has a high level of interest and competency in a second language. The award can be used for travel or additional education.

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