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January 2013


Important Dates to Remember

Jan. 8: Elmo's Diner continues 10 percent donation for education on First Tuesdays, all day;     proceeds go to Morris Grove Elem. and PSF teacher awards and multi-cultural education

Jan. 8: Grantwriting Workshop, CHC Public School Foundation, 4 pm

Jan. 24: Strowd Roses Grant Deadline

Jan. 31: Deadline for nominations to Upper Elementary and Middle School Teaching Chairs

Feb. 5: Elmo’s Diner continues 10 percent donation for education on First Tuesdays, all day; proceeds go to Mary Scroggs Elem. and PSF teacher awards and multi-cultural education

Feb. 21: Student Enrichment Grant Deadline

April 25: Achievers Fund Summer/Fall Grant Deadline

April 27: 5K for Fitness


Grant-Writing Workshop Set for January 8

     The Public School Foundation will host the second PSF Grant-Writing Workshop of the Year on Jan. 8 at 4 pm. Prospective applicants for Foundation funding are strongly encouraged to attend the workshop if they plan to seek Strowd Roses education grants, Student Enrichment Grants or Achievers’ Fund grants through the foundation.

     To register for the workshop, contact the Foundation office at or 919-968-8819, ext. 1. Applicants may also benefit by reviewing the grants awarded for the current year that are listed below.


Nominations Sought for Elementary and Middle School Teaching Chairs
     The Foundation seeks nominations of excellent teachers for the Upper Elementary Chair for Excellence in Teaching Innovation and the Zora Rashkis Chair for Excellence in Teaching Middle School Language Arts.

     The Upper Elementary Chair targets fifth grade teachers in this cycle. The Rashkis Chair is open to language arts classroom teachers in grades 6, 7 and 8. Nomination forms will be posted on the foundation's website in early January.

     Colleagues, parent, students, community members and others can make nominations. They are asked to comment on one or more of three criteria: how the nominee ignites enthusiasm for learning, how the nominee creates an exceptional learning environment for all students and/or how the nominee is a role model.

     The deadline for nominations is January 31 

     Tenured classroom teachers are eligible for the honor of holding one of nine teaching chairs offered through the CHC Public School Foundation.

Applications for Strowd Roses Grants Due January 24
     The Foundation welcomes applications for Strowd Roses grants. Grants typically range from $2,000-$8,000 and priority is assigned to applications that come from teams of teachers or Professional Learning Communities. Applications are submitted online at the Foundation website, Go to Grants and Scholarships.

     The Foundation will conduct its second grant-seeking workshop of the year on Jan. 8. Applicants are encouraged to attend the workshop prior to submitting applications. To register, contact the foundation office or call 919-968-8819.

     The Foundation will also accept applications for Student Enrichment Grants, ranging from $200-$2,000 by February 25. Those grants typically are allocated to classroom-based projects.

Projects Underway for Grants Awarded Through PSF

     The Foundation awarded grants for 35 projects underway this year and funded through either Strowd Roses, Inc. or through Student Enrichment Grant (SEG) funds. These are the projects, their developers and schools:

“Fostering Scientific Inquiry With Probeware,” Robin Bullieri, Carrboro High;

“It’s Never Too Late: Targeting Middle and High School Students with Disabilities,” Ashley Robinson, Tim Tignor, Ruth Morgan, districtwide;

“Exploring, Discovering and Creating Academic Net Worth,” Marny Ruben, Seawell Elem.;

“Increasing Informational Text Literacy,” Dara Butler, Seawell Elem.;

“Re-Engaging with E-Readers,” Sara Johnson, Ingrid McCausland, Katie Savelli, Susan Prillaman and Delphine Sieredzki, Phillips Middle;

“Fostering Literacy Independence,” Ashley Laver, Rashkis Elem.;

“Amazing Animals: Authentic Non-fiction Reading, Writing and Research,” Mary Lyons, Morris Grove Elem;

“Si Libros!” Emily Bivins, Carrboro Elem.;

“Enhancing and Extending Math with SMART Technologies,” Aimee Haygood and Keith Cooper, CHHS;

“Global Issues: Creating Experts Through Dialogue With Experts,” Matt Cone, Carrboro High;

“Collaborative Science Learning Labs,” Jillian Grimm, Phillips Middle;

“Math Common Core for ESL Dual Language Students,” Emily Bivins, Carrboro Elem.;

“Spanish Language Immersion,” Kerry Sherrill and Eileen Regan, Carrboro Elem.;

“Jagwire Newspaper and Journalism,” Carrboro High;

“Common Core Nonfiction Books,” Rena Norwood, FPG;

“Science and Social Studies Leveled Reading for English Learners,” Mimi Collins and Jane Harwell, Culbreth Middle;

“Spanish Book Project,” Sandy Williamson, East Chapel Hill High;

“French Books,” Christen Campbell, CHHS;

“Parent-Child Book Club,” Mary Andrews, Estes Hills Elem.;

“Books on Break,” Susan Pearce, districtwide;

“Dual Language Books,” Jose Ruiz, FPG;

“The Home-School Connection in PreK,” Rita Dealy, Carrboro and FPG Elem.;

“Enhancing Spanish-English Dual Language Learning,” Sergio Delgado, McDougle Middle;

“Expanding Independent Reading,” Kristy Yousefnejad, Mary Scroggs Elem.;

“iWork on iPads,” Claire Nelson and Cristin Najera, Rashkis Elem.;

“Food Matters: Investigating What We Eat from Farm to Table,” Russell Mayo, Smith Middle;

“Joy of Playing Guitar,” Eileen Regan, Carrboro Elem.;

“Spoken Word Poetry Project,” Rachael Kares, Phoenix Academy;

“Healthy Rewards,” Rita Crain, Carrboro Elem.;

“The Green Title Wave,” Helen Westland, Smith Middle;

“Fitness By Bikes,” Ben Reed, CHHS;

“Getting to Know You,” Sally Stroud, McDougle Elem.;

“Transportation Excellence,” Jim Ellis, districtwide;

“Shine a Light: Mapping the Human Landscape of Civil Rights,” Holly Loranger, CHHS;

“Eiffel for Reading!” Jennifer Roth, Glenwood Elem.


PSF Board Member Jim Kitchen is Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year (from Chamber and Town reports)

     An entrepreneur and philanthropist for more than 20 years, Jim Kitchen divides his time among a wide range of projects that help others across our community and state. Kitchen served as a board member on the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation, where he helped fundraise for our community's public schools through his work on the Walk for Education Carnival, which is attended by thousands of school children and their parents every year.

     He is an active board member with the Kramden Institute, which provides computers to children who otherwise couldn't afford one. Kitchen has brought smiles to the faces of children across N.C. by granting multiple wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Eastern North Carolina, and he has served on the Board of the UNC Children's Hospital, helping make the hospital's new Lookout Terrace a reality.

     At UNC's Kenan-Flagler Business School, he teaches undergraduate students how to start businesses and social ventures, and he is the founder of Chapel Hill's new business incubator, LAUNCH Chapel Hill, which will open in February 2013.

     Kitchen received a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA with honors from the University of Tennessee.

     When not working, Kitchen enjoys travelling - he's visited 75+ countries across the globe - and running ultra-marathon races of 50 and 100 miles. Kitchen and his wife, Susan, have two children, Kenan and Karsen, ages 13 and 9. 


Support CHCPSF through United Way, Harris Teeter and SECC

Parents, staff and community members can support the foundation through several other channels. Here are three:

  • Harris Teeter number: 6062 PLEASE RE-LINK by clicking here
  • SECC (State Employees Combined Campaign) No.: 1505
  • United Way Giving No.: 4130

The CHC Public School Foundation is pleased to continue a service so that parents and others can make tax-deductible donations directly online at the website:

Just click on the “Donate” button and follow the instructions for one-time or monthly giving.

At the website, visitors can see more information about other Foundation programs. 

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