Creating Opportunities for Students and Teachers

Promotional Ideas


  • Some schools design their promotional efforts around the Walk theme - this year it’s “Walking the Walk for 20 Years” and we have an eye-catching logo for you to use.
  • Some schools come up with their own themes, such as cowboys, superheroes or zombies, and design their promotional efforts around those ideas. 
  • Some schools focus on their school’s mascot or something particular to the school


  • Create a bulletin board
  • Make posters to display in the hallways
  • Have a display at “Meet the Teacher Night” or “Open House”
  • Think of a way to recognize students for returning their envelopes with or without a financial contribution to encourage participation and excitement:
      • post the kids’ names in a public location (lunch room, main corridor)
      • give them a small prize such as a pencil
  • Decide if you want to offer in-school incentives, in addition to the t-shirts, wristbands and raffle tickets provided by PSF.  If so, here are some fun ideas:
      • the class with the highest participation rate gets to carry the school’s banner during the Walk
      • the classroom that raises the most money gets a prize
      • if the school reaches its financial goal, the principal will do something funny at an assembly   
  • Attend a staff meeting to promote the Walk to teachers – tell them about the project the school will fund with Walk earnings. Remind them that there is a PSF-sponsored prize for the staff member who does the most to promote the Walk in each school.
  • Ask your school to display a Walk message on the school’s road sign
  • Remind teachers/staff to wear their Walk t-shirts to schoo 
  • Submit “blurbs” to the PTA’s weekly newsletters
  • Make school-wide announcements on the PA system
  • Ask your principal to make a Connect Ed call to parent 
  • Ask teachers to include Walk announcements in their messages to students and parents

The Foundation will give the family specialist at each school t-shirts and tickets for Carnival rides to distribute to kids who would otherwise not be able to participate.

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