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Complimentary T-Shirts




We will give you a set number (35% of your school’s number of staff member) of free t-shirts to be distributed to staff members who volunteer to wear them. We will let you know how many shirts you will be eligible for once school staffing is finalized.

Be sure to include yourself (and any other reps) in the complimentary shirt count because no one will be working harder than you to promote the Walk at your school!

If more than 35% of your staff request shirts, additional ones can be purchased at a reduced rate of $10/shirt.  

It is usually best if the principal sends an email to the staff about this. Here is some language you can give your principal to use:

            “The Walk for Education provides a great opportunity to raise funds for our school. The Public School Foundation is going to give us a limited number of free Walk for Ed t-shirts for faculty and staff to wear to advertise the Walk. Since we have to purchase all shirts beyond our allotment, we want to make sure they will be put to good use. If you will help promote the Walk by wearing a shirt to school, please respond with your size request: S, M, L, XL, XXL or XXXL.”

Please get the number and sizes of shirts requested by your school to Suki Newton at: by Wednesday, September 14, 2016.

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