Creating Opportunities for Students and Teachers

Promotional Ideas



  • Some schools design their promotional efforts around the Walk theme - this year it’s a “Number 19” jersey.  Kids are going to love it!
  • Some schools come up with their own themes, such as superheros or zombies, or focus on something particular to the school, its mascot or 50th anniversary, and design their promotional efforts around those ideas. 

Some ideas for in-school promotion:

  • Create a bulletin board – including a sample shirt
  • Make posters to display in the hallways
  • Have a display at “Meet the Teacher Night” or “Open House”
  • Make a pitch for the Walk at the first all-school PTA meeting
  • Show the video on the closed-circuit TVs in school
  • Think of a way to recognize students for returning their envelopes with or without a financial contribution to encourage participation and excitement:

                               › post the kids’ names in a public location (lunch room, main corridor)
                               › give them a small prize such as a pencil or toe token 
  • Decide if you want to offer in-school incentives, in addition to the t-shirts, etc. provided by PSF.  If so, here are some fun ideas:

                                 › the class with the highest participation rate gets to carry the school’s banner
                                 › the classroom that raises the most money gets a prize
                                 › if the school reaches its financial goal, the principal will do something funny at an assembly           

  • Attend a staff meeting to promote the Walk to teachers. Tell them about the project your school will fund with Walk earnings. Remind them that the PSF does a lot to support teachers (teaching awards, grant funding, the Teachers’ First Breakfast and Roses, the Teacher Supply Store, Educator Extra Credit card, National Board certification fees, etc.) 
  • Ask your school to display a Walk message on the school’s road sign
  • Remind teachers/staff to wear their Walk t-shirts to school
  • Submit “blurbs” to the PTA weekly newsletter
  • Make school-wide announcements on the PA system or play video on the closed circuit TV
  • Ask your principal to make a Connect Ed call to parents
  • Ask teachers to include Walk announcements in their messages to students and parents 

The Foundation will give the family specialist at each school t-shirts and tickets for Carnival rides to distribute to kids who would otherwise not be able to participate. 

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