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Handling Walk Money



Handling Walk Money

The Public School Foundation will process all donation envelopes and contributions on Banking Day: Thursday, October 1, at Bank of NC in Southern Village. You must sign up for an appointment time using the signup genius you were forwarded. We ask that all pledges for your school be delivered in one package and in the following manner: 

  1. Make sure all checks are made out to CHS PSF, Dated and signed.
  2. Organize cash by denomination and checks by amount.
  3. Total checks and cash separately using the Banking Day Deposit Spreadsheet. You complete quantity column only, totals will calculate. You should return one copy of this spreadsheet and bring one to turn in with your deposit.
  4. Place all contributions in an envelope prior to delivery to Bank of NC. 
  5. Bring all student envelopes with you. The PSF must retain as permission slips for Walk participation.

Your school’s principal or designee will receive a check from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation for all the profits earned on the Walk by your school (approximately 85% of your students’ total contributions) as soon as all checks clear the bank and a final accounting is made.  This should occur in the month of November.  Your school can then use the money to fund the project designated for the Walk earnings.  The PSF is not involved in what the funds were specifically raised for; therefore we distribute the money directly to the principal or designee for proper disbursement.  A second disbursement will be made in the late spring for any matching gifts that are received.

We appreciate you following the procedures outlined above.  It is our goal to provide an accurate accounting to each school as soon as possible.  You will, of course, have an estimate of your school’s earnings when you arrive at Lincoln Center, and we will work as quickly as possible to obtain a final total.

Please encourage your families to register on line or return their envelopes in by Friday, Sept. 25. Students returning late envelopes cannot be guaranteed their preferred t-shirt size.

Questions?  Contact Mady Blobe, PSF Board Treasurer at or Ashley Wilson at

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