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Donor Envelope Pick Up




Come to Lincoln Center, Room 118B between 11am to 2pm on Thursday Sept. 3, to pick up your Walk for Education materials (donor envelopes, sample t-shirt, banking day and tally sheets, yard sign for encouraging envelope return).  Laura, Dena, Ashley and other PSF folks will be there to answer questions, help you with promotional ideas, etc.

Please let Ashley Wilson know if you cannot attend so other arrangements can be made for you to get your supplies.

  • You will get one envelope for each student.
  • Get a list from the secretary or data manager at your school with the number of students in each classroom. Put one envelope per student in each teacher’s mailbox.
  • Some reps find it helpful to print out stickers with the name of each child, grade level and teacher name (Jane Student, 2nd, Ms. Teacher) to affix to the envelopes prior to distribution. This makes it easier to track students later if there are questions and it eliminates trying to decipher illegible handwriting.
  • We will also supply you with copies in Spanish and Karen for families that cannot read English.  The secretary will know which students require materials to distributed in Spanish or Karen.
  • We recommend that the envelopes go home with students as soon as possible, but you may wish to wait until after Labor Day so they don’t get lost in the holiday shuffle.

You may want to write a personalized letter to accompany the Donor Envelopes.  A template (Generic Parent Letter) is available on this site, but by all means make the letter your own. This is a great chance to describe the project your school plans to fund with the proceeds from the Walk, explain how you are going to show your school spirit, and describe any in-school incentives you may be offering.


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