Creating Opportunities for Students and Teachers


2016-2017 Classroom and Student Enrichment Grants



Weather Station

Sheryl Finnegan and Caroline Hatley, Glenwood

SKOOG Music Project

Maggie Pearce, MES

AVID/LEAP Poetry Collaborative

George Gilmer, Smith

Raising Bilingual and Bi-literate Children

Angela Snider, MGE

Growing STEM at Glenwood!

Elizabeth Angell, Glenwood

Cultivating a Community Greenhouse and Entrepreneurship

Sara Wilson, CHHS

Making Connections to the Lives of Immigrants and Refugees through Mentor Texts

Kirsten Bergman, Culbreth

Exploring Sewing

Rita Crain, CES

Phillips 6-A Chromebooks

Al McArthur, Phillips

STEM Night at Glenwood

Jaimi West, Glenwood

LEGO More to Math

Jamison Cauthren, Rashkis

Creative Re-Use festival

Evie O’Dor, Rashkis

Super Science Researchers!

Tammy Jirles, MGE

Road Runner Pickleball

Bruce Manning, Ephesus

Keep Probing into Science

Jilian Grimm, Phillips

Titanium Tigers Robot Team

Alan Freedman, CHHS

Diverse Texts

Erin Carroll, Seawell

From Murphy to Manteo to Glenwood

Sheryl Kirkey, Glenwood

Let’s Build!

Elizabeth Angell, Glenwood

Reading to Learn, Not Learning to Read

Jilian Grimm, Phillips

Robot Team Training

Alan Freedman, CHHS

Building Strong Reading Skills for English Learners

Cynthia Anderson, Culbreth

Lions and Tigers and Books, Oh My!

Amanda Thorne, Glenwood

Brothers of Unity Academy Chromebooks

Kenneth Kingsbury, CHHS

Instruments for All-Music Makes a Difference

Ann Daaleman, Phillips

Thinking Critically with Rubik’s Cubes

Maggi Heath, Northside

Heating Up Learning

Karen Kaczman, MMS

Developing a Love of Reading through Series

Elizabeth Angell, Glenwood

Improved Water and Air Analysis to Foster Student Learning

Erin Shindledecker, ECHHS

Exploring Race with Bryan Stevenson and Other Experts in AL

Matt Cone, CHS

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