Creating Opportunities for Students and Teachers

2009 - 2010

2009-2010 Student Enrichment Grants

Project Developer School
World View Honduras Study Tour Cavrina Brossy, Sylvia Kidd Welcome Center
Nat'l Ceramics Exhibit and NCEA Exhibit Melissa V. Olson, Hollie T. Novak ECHHS, CHHS
Current of Culture Deborah Lederer Carrboro Elementary
Glenwood's Great Walls Sally Massengale Gleenwood Elementary
Exploring the Trail of Human Origins Thomas J. Brown Carrboro HS
Mary Scroggs Elementary School Garden Holly Phillips, Sarah Shapard Scroggs Elementary
Shuffle through Kindergarten Nicole Morgan Ephesus Elementary
"Science Talk" Jane Harwell Culbreth Middle
High Interest Books for Novice Readers Mary Bushnell Volunteer Office
"Gator Games" Laura Holmes Glenwood Elementary
Streamlining Technology Leigh Anne Bianchi Estes Hill Elementary
Mexico Service Trip and Ongoing Project Graig Meyer BRMA
Residency w/ African-American Dance Ensemble Danielle Cohen CHHS
Read2Me, Tailgate Stories Mary Andrews Scroggs Elementary
Scaffolding English I Content Virgina Clayton, Amanda Shive ECHHS, CHHS
Sister of Nia & Brothers Group Janice Webster Smith Middle
"Let's Find Out" Early Literary Monthly Magazines and Books Mary Zulauf Pre-K Carrboro Elementary
Literary Grant Morgan Willis Seawell Elementary
4th and 5th Grade Spanish Dictionaries Aida Groby Carrboro Elementary
Fostering technology and ESL skills in Pre-K Julie Powell, Esther Pratt Hooks FPG, Glenwood Elementary
2nd Grade Books for Science Literacy Gina Pace Estes Hill Elementary
Outdoor Classroom Kathleen Harrell, Morgan Willis Seawell Elementary
North Carolina Coastal Ecosystems Helen Crompton Carrboro Elementary
Streamlining Technology for Special Programs Hunter Pendleton Estes Hills Elementary
Acting It Out, Literacy Development through Dramatic Play Mary Alicia Lyons Morris Grove Elementary
Estes Hills 50th Anniv. Mural Projects Debbie Gast Estes Hills Elementary
I Can Learn Too! Ruth Morgan Ephesus Elementary
LLI at Ephesus: Leveled Literacy Intervention System Loretta Hopper, Kelly Reilly Ephesus Elementary
Fostering Reading Fluency in 1st Grade Amy Alvut Morris Grove Elementary
Estes Hill Graduation Field Trip Sephon Goode, Velinda Hatcher Estes Hills Elementary

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