Creating Opportunities for Students and Teachers


Strowd Roses Grants for 2015-2016

Culbreth Music Practice Room Samuel Berryhill, Culbreth
Exploring Global Poverty with Global Leaders at the UN Matt Cone, CHS
Happy Hearts: Fostering Social Emotional Health Jessica Tilghman, Northside
Imagine This! Jeannie Watrous, Rashkis
Learning Ecosystems at ECHHS Edward Kabay, ECHHS
Sense of Place Melissa Barry, CHS
News ELA: Loving Nonfiction through the News Toni Lehman, McDougle Elementary
PMS Making Connections Project Friecka Baldwin, Phillips
Academic Troubadour Michaella Levandoski, Hospital School
Reading Is a Universal Right: Equity Matters Laura Beery, all Middle and High Schools
Ephesus Elementary LEGO Kits Danielle Sutton, Ephesus
Make it @ Your Library Kathryn Cole, Northside

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