Creating Opportunities for Students and Teachers

Award Descriptions

The candidate ignites enthusiasm for learning

  • The candidate presents content in an engaging manner using a variety of instructional approaches, including the norms and skills of accountable talk.
  • The candidate integrates a variety of technology to maximize student learning.
  • The candidate engages students in active reasoning and exposes students to a wide range of perspectives and challenges them to think comprehensively, imaginatively, and independently. 

The candidate creates an exceptional learning environment for all students

  • The candidate sets high expectations and demonstrates a commitment to a high level of achievement for all students.
  • The candidate excels in maintaining a positive and equitable learning atmosphere by being supportive, nurturing and respectful.
  • The candidate uses practices and materials that reflect diverse racial and ethnic contributions and perspectives.

The candidate is a role model

  • The candidate is involved in the life of the school beyond formal teaching responsibilities. 
  • The candidate inspires his/her colleagues by sharing information, ideas, techniques, and new perspectives through his/her Professional Learning Community, faculty meetings, professional development opportunities, etc.
  • The candidate is often looked upon as a subject matter expert by other teachers and/or administrators (Common Core standards, Principles of Learning, and other specialties, etc.)

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