Creating Opportunities for Students and Teachers

Financial Information and Donor Listing

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Statement of Activities

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2018

Revenues and Other Support
Individuals    300,726
Corporate and Foundation    313,337
Special Events     30,388
Other     30,457
Net Investment Income   104,885
Total Revenues and Other Support $779,793


Program services and grants     462,337
Fundraising       38,278
Management and general       59,403
Total Expenses  $ 560,018
Net Income      219,775
Net assets, beginning of year $1,633,645
Net assets, end of year $1,853,420

Net Assets, End of Year 
Temporarily restricted  840,275
Permanently restricted   607,214
Unrestricted   405,931
Net assets, June 30, 2018 $1,853,420 

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