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Financial Information and Donor Listing

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Statement of Activities

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2012

Revenues and Other Support
School programs and grants $398,093
Special events   192,995
Individuals   128,501
Corporate and grant-making foundations   141,980
Interest and dividends      19,572
Investments - unrealized gain (loss)


Total Revenues and Other Support $883,499


Program services and grants  $668,824
Fundraising     58,289
Management and general     24,872
Total Expenses  $751,985
Change in net assets    131,514
Net assets, beginning of year    985,773
Net assets, end of year $1,117,287


The Walk for Education accounted for 64% of fundraising expenses

Net assets, end of year$1,117,287
Temporarily restricted $701,297
Permanently restricted   240,627
Unrestricted   175,363

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