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PSF Executive Director Job Description

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation
Executive Director
Job Description

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation (PSF) is the only independent, non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing community support for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS). PSF aspires to “spark a love of learning in all students” by creating opportunities for students and teachers in every school in the district. We believe that all students deserve the best possible education; that excellent teachers ignite learning and are our most valuable resource; and that high quality public education is fundamental to a vibrant community.

PSF supports these beliefs by partnering with the community and raising funds to support student grants, teacher awards and other innovative educational projects that positively affect the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools. Events such as the annual Teacher Supply Store and the Walk for Education benefit all schools in the district.  PSF fosters opportunities for feedback from parents, teachers and staff about PSF-sponsored projects and about the CHCCS district in general. 

PSF takes its fiduciary responsibilities and obligations seriously and manages its funds with the highest degree of ethical standards. PSF is staffed by one (1) full-time Executive Director, one (1) part-time Program Services Manager, one (1) part-time Foundation Assistant, and one (1) part-time Bookkeeper.  Contracted services may be employed on an as-needed basis for specific projects. These positions are contingent upon approval by the Board of Directors. The PSF Board of Directors is both operational and governing in nature and is comprised of 28 members. PSF projects and programming continue to expand as it pursues its mission to provide a variety of support and services to students and teachers in the district.

Description of Responsibilities
The Executive Director (ED) of PSF works closely with the Board of Directors to shape the mission and vision of the organization and execute its strategy. The ED directly reports to the PSF Board of Directors. He or she supervises all staff and contracted employees, and works with Board members to oversee volunteers. With the counsel of the Board, he or she provides direction for PSF fundraising, marketing, programming, events and other activities.

He or she staffs all committees (Allocations, Executive, the Communications/Marketing, Community Connections, the Development, Finance, Support) and others the ED and the Board of Directors deem necessary. The ED supports the work of and helps to facilitate action items generated by these committees.

The ED serves as the public representative for PSF. A successful candidate will demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills that will ignite enthusiasm about the organization and inspire participation.  He or she will also serve as the conduit between the PSF and the CHCCS district and so must demonstrate a willingness to work respectfully toward like goals while nurturing and growing this mutually beneficial relationship. 

The ED will work to raise funds to support the organization through grant writing, fostering partnerships with other foundations, and cultivating relationships with corporate and private donors. PSF has been able to contribute steadily to an operating endowment, but it is a goal of the Foundation to build this endowment to a level that will sustain operations on an ongoing basis. A successful candidate will demonstrate strong and successful grant writing abilities as well as a talent for fundraising though direct contact with donors.


Financial Development and Fundraising

  • Oversee special events and fundraising campaigns
  • Maintain established relationships with businesses, foundations and individual donors
  • Create and capitalize on opportunities to enhance corporate and individual support of the Foundation
  • Research and initiate new fundraising opportunities, including writing grant proposals to corporate and foundation giving programs

Publicity, Marketing and Community Relations

  • Promote understanding and awareness of the Foundation’s mission and goals by making connections throughout the community
  • Develop written materials that promote and publicize the Foundation
  • Develop and disseminate materials promoting PSF special events (i.e. Walk for Education, Teacher Supply Store, 5K for Fitness, Teachers’ First Breakfast and Roses)
  • Develop appropriate publications and information to be utilized on the Internet and other social media as appropriate
  • Seek connections within the CHCCS district and within the community that will increase public awareness about the PSF and that may lead to support of the Foundation, either in-kind or monetarily
  • Seek new ways to report to the public positive information about the Foundation and the projects it supports
  • Provide information about the Foundation and its activities to corporate sponsors
  • Maintain close communications with CHCCS system administrators
  • Oversee the production and distribution of the Foundation’s promotional publications, including newsletters, annual reports and brochures

Event Co-Ordination, Program Oversight and Program Support

  • Monitor progress of all Board and staff projects and activities
  • Assist with implementation of PSF programs, including Student Enrichment Grants, Teachers First, teaching awards, etc.
  • Create new or offer improvements for ongoing projects and activities, including large fundraising events such as the Walk for Education, Teachers First Breakfast & Roses, and the 5K for Fitness
  • Work within the community to ensure the success of large events (i.e. work with UNC Campus Police and the Chapel Hill Police Department to arrange Walk for Education event, etc.)
  • Ensure that all programs and events adequately support PSF’s missions, goals and values
  • Ensure that all programs and events align with CHCCS district goals
  • Work in close collaboration with Event Committees to plan and implement large events such as the Walk for Education, 5K for Fitness and Teachers’ First Breakfast
  • Provides hands-on support as needed to help implement Board Committee action items
  • These tasks vary based upon need and range from coordinating mailings and tracking event data to high-level interactions with CHCCS teachers and community agencies

Board and Staff Relations

  • Ensure the financial integrity of the Foundation
  • Report to and be accountable to the Board of Directors; keep Board informed of issues important to the PSF and keep staff informed of Board decisions
  • Take responsibility for and have a thorough understanding of the PSF’s budget and finances and reporting requirements to donors, auditors, the Board, local, state and federal authorities
  • Assist Board President with committee formation, provide direction and monitor committee work
  • Coordinate Board and committee meetings
  • Supervise and evaluate office staff, while creating a culture of support and an environment conducive to a positive work experience for all
  • Maintain the history of the organization

 Education and Preferred Qualifications

  • A Bachelor's degree with at least three years of experience in leadership roles is required, a Masters' degree is preferred
  • Knowledge of, or experience in, the field of Education is a preferred, work with another non-profit is a plus
  • Strong written and oral interpersonal and communications skills are a must; ability to form strong connections with Board members, volunteers, staff and members of the community is essential to the health of PSF. Must be comfortable in front of large groups and able to connect with individuals
  • Proficiency with technological tools and communication is required
  • Proven ability to raise funds through grant writing and through cultivating relationships with corporations and private donors is important
  • Must have familiarity with the operational procedures of a non-profit or a business, including a thorough understanding of budget and finance procedures and reporting requirements to donors, auditors, the Board, local, state and federal authorities
  • Strong organizational skills, including the ability to oversee several large projects at one time, are essential
  • Must have proven competence as leader of staff and volunteers and have the desire and ability to motivate and engage paid staff and volunteers in the mission of the organization
  • Flexibility, energy and a sense of humor are a must
  • Exhibiting a collaborative nature and a willingness to work in various capacities to reach a common goal is essential

How to Apply: 
Applicants should send cover letter, resume and writing sample by email to:

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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