Creating Opportunities for Students and Teachers

2018-2019 Accomplishments

2018-19 Annual Report of Accomplishments

  • 49 Achievers Fund grants to support students with economic and academic needs throughout the district (tutoring, summer camp enrichment support, etc.): $105,784
  • 45 Classroom, school and district-wide grants to support innovative and creative instructional ideas: $63,429
    • 3 International Teacher Travel grants to promote global collaboration for teachers and students: $3,000
    • 17 Professional Development Impact Grants to schools and district collaboratives: $34,220
    • 40 Small grants to support all novice teachers with supplies and materials: $4,000
    • 526 Vouchers for the Annual Teacher Supply Store to support teachers with free supplies and materials: $41,252
    • 86 Awards to recognize and reward outstanding teachers and staff at the Recognition Reception: $28,521
    • 125 Local Businesses participating in the Educators’ Extra Credit Program to provide discounts to all CHCCS staff
    • 41 Scholarships to Teachers pursuing National Board Certification or Re-Certification through NBPTS: $20,250
    • 28 Scholarships for Teachers who were selected to present at National or State Conferences: $11,327
    • 41 College Scholarships for Students graduating in 2019: $51,036

That is a total of $362,819 and does not include the numerous pass-through grants we manage for CHCCS and Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate which equal more than $522,125 annually. That is almost $900K, last year alone, that PSF put to good use throughout CHCCS – at every school; for every teacher; and every child.

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